YOJOS! is an exciting new food company, dedicated to innovatively redefining the taste of African snacks.  

What is Crunch?

Our signature product “Crunch” (a sweet and savoury biscuit) is a twist, inspired by a family recipe, on the West African nibble chin-chin.

Crunch is made from the best quality flour, butter, egg, sugar, spices. We love experimenting and have developed a range of flavours for the adventurous tongue.

Our Flavours

Vanilla, Coffee, Chilli, Ginger, and Spinach…Yes, we said Spinach! Our chin-chin is made using natural ingredients only, giving each flavour its unique taste.

Ways to enjoy / How to eat

Great on its own. Alternatively, sprinkle over salad, yoghurt, soup, ice cream or a warm waffle. We suggest trying it with everything. Crunch is sold by weight and can be bought packaged in our standard bags or in our large jars as gifts. 

YOJOS! Crunch is ideal for events, wedding favours, bridal showers or with a cuppa at your desk.  Order online for delivery via our store.